How to keep your pets safe in cold weather

Our furry friends can catch frost bite just like people so it's important to keep their time outside to a minimum.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – These dangerously cold temperatures do not only affect us, but our pets as well, so it’s important to take extra precautions with your furry friends.

Doctors say rule number one when it comes to your pet in below zero temps is to minimize their time outside.

“I would keep it under probably 5 to 10 minutes at the most,” Dr. Henry Cerny at Yankee Hill Veterinary Hospital said. “If the dogs out there shivering or crying, acting like they just want to come back in, that’s your first sign.”

Dr. Cerny said to keep an eye on your animals paws to check for cracks or discoloration. Also, make sure you wipe their paws when they come back inside.

Now there is one thing, as a pet owner, you can do to help your furry friend and that involves those fun outfits.

“I would say for dogs a sweater and something to protect their feet would definitely be beneficial,” Dr. Cerny said. “That would help the dog at least be able to tolerate the temperature outside a bit longer.”

Certain dog breeds such as Huskies can handle colder temperatures better then other dogs because they have ‘double coats,’ according to Cerny. Smaller dogs are affected by the weather the most due to their skin volume. Overall, no matter what breed or size animal you have, cold is cold.

“It’s all about acclamation. If you had dogs that are used to being inside even if they have a thick hair coat, you throw them out and it’s a change in temperature, that would still be pretty hard on them,” Cerny said.

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