How to save on your electric bill in 2022

For OPPD, LES, and NPPD customers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Depending on where you get your power, customers may see some changes in their bills in the coming year.  Residentials customers with Lincoln Electric System and Nebraska Public Power District won’t see a change in their bill, but those with Omaha Public Power District can expect a 3.2% increase starting in January.

LES and NPPD won’t be spending more than usual on any projects, whereas OPPD has various improvement projects planned.

“We’re also looking at needing to modernize our electric system. We need to add some technology, we need to increase our maintenance of overhead and underground lines, and we’re increasing our tree-trimming budget,” said Jodi Baker OPPD.

All three companies have different incentives or programs to help their customers save money throughout the coming year.

“Rate wise time of use program, you pay a varying amount for your electricity depending on what time of day it is. If you are using your electricity during peak hours of the day like four o’clock when everybody is starting to use electricity, it’s more expensive during that time. If you can use your big appliances and a lot of your big electricity usage, if you can push that to like say past seven or past ten, the cost of electricity is actually cheaper,” said Grant Otten with NPPD.

NPPD customers will also continue to see a credit on their bill through January 2023.

LES has a sustainable energy program that customers can take advantage of.

“We have an insulation program. So if you have an older home that has minimal attic insulation or wall insulation that’s not insulated we would have an insensitive of up to $1000 to insulate the home. Purchasing high efficient air conditioners or heat pumps would be another incentive that we have. That incentive is going to be anywhere from $200 up to $500,” said Jay Stoa energy services specialist LES.

OPPD has seen an increased need for their assistance program, so they are raising money in hopes of tripling the amount they can offer their customers this year.

“We’ve been seeing that need, particularly since the pandemic, grow. This coming year we are really expecting to see some great need, increased over last year. We really want to be able to fund that program, and put what we can into it to help as many people as we can,” said Baker.

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