How to stay cool with this heat index


Local parks are giving tips on how to cool down in the summer heat, while still enjoying yourself. Louisville State Recreation is welcoming families in all summer long.

Park officials are concerned that park goers treat their time in the heat with activity, but also in a conservative manner. 

“Anytime you’re outside, you have to take the weather into consideration, whether it’s storms or the cold or the heat, we just want people to be as safe as possible. We want people to know their limits,” Louisville State Recreation, Matt Sutton said. 

Lifeguards recommend park goers to prepare before going in the water.

“UV rays and stuff like that getting so hot, make sure you put on sunscreen, plenty of fluids, lots of water and make sure you stay safe,” Senior Lifeguard at Louisville State Park, Chad Uhing said. 

They are prepared for the highs to reach 100 degrees this week. 

“If the temperature goes above a certain amount, we definitely look out for people that look dehydrated or are huffing and puffing a lot. We gotta make sure to keep an eye on them so that they stay safe, especially on this thing,” Uhing said. 

If you or your child is experiencing dizziness or lacks color in the face, officials are urging you to give them plenty of rest under some shade and be sure to give them plenty of water and electrolytes to help them bounce back.

“We just gotta make sure we take care of people especially with this heat index and humidity too,” Uhing said. 

“The parks belong to the public and it’s our job to try to keep the parks operating as safely as possible and as clean as possible for our guests,” Sutton said. 

They still encourage you and your family to be out and enjoy the heat responsibly.

“It’s great fun. It tires out the kids, so that’s a great thing, the parents too, everyone gets a good nap afterwards, but it’s just a great time out here and come on down,” Uhing said. 

Those at Louisville State Recreation also say the early flooding of the year turned the park into a lush green that everyone has to come out and see.

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