Hurricane Ian could affect product supply in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Consumers could begin to see their favorite items go out of stock temporarily due to Hurricane Ian.

For example, citrus like oranges, grapefruits and lemons could become hotter commodities due to Ian’s effects on the supply chain.

Jennifer Ryan, department chair of supply chain management and analytics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says we could see a wide range of products impacted.

“They make a lot of fertilizer in Florida, and there is a big supply of phosphate that goes into fertilizer, and so that could impact farmers,” Ryan said.

She said any disruption to the supply chain, like a hurricane, can reverberate throughout the economy.

We could see random shortages of many different items, as producers use components from different companies to your favorite household products.

“You could see your favorite shampoo not on the shelf, and it could be because they got a component from Florida, and this is one of the challenges companies have,” Ryan said. “They make products using stuff they buy from all different companies, and they don’t always know where those are located, and we as consumers don’t always know. So sometimes the effects of something like this can be a little random.”

Despite some specific items falling out of supply, items that were popular during the pandemic, like bottled water and paper towels, should remain fully stocked.

As for gas, Ryan said we shouldn’t see any changes in prices or demand.

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