Christie endorsement further fuels an already heated race

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)– With former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Allan Fung Monday, the race for Rhode Island’s Second Congressional District continues to gain momentum– and national attention.

Republican Allan Fung is set to face off against Democrat and General Treasurer of Rhode Island, Seth Magaziner.

“People of Rhode Island and in the second district have watched him work as mayor, and know who he is,” said Christie. “I think the choice is clear– it’s Allan Fung.”

Magaziner in a statement Monday addressed the partnership, “Christie retired with one of the lowest approval ratings of any governor in the country, due to an Administration plagued by scandal and his extreme far-right views.”

Christie responded, “Mr. Magaziner should be ashamed of himself. Let’s hear what he wants to do for America. But he knows if he does, he won’t win.”

Magaziner has received backing from several prominent Democrats, including Congressman Jim Langevin. He has served in the seat for 22 years.

Joe Cammarano, Political Science professor at Providence College, believes this race will be decided by each party’s messaging, and their ability to rally behind their candidate.

“All research suggests you should vote party, not candidate,” said Cammarano. “Vote for the party you most want in public office.”

He concluded, “They try to frame issue that people think about when they go and cast their ballot. So, it’s really a framing argument. Are you thinking about abortion and Donald Trump, or are you thinking about crime and inflation. Whoever has people thinking of those issues probably will win.”

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