DNA results are in for pair of hybrid puppies let loose in Warwick

(WLNE) — The DNA results are in for the hybrid puppies that were caught last month after causing a coyote scare in Warwick.

Bella and Libby, now called Willow and Wiley, are living at a wolfdog rescue in Ohio after running loose at Oakland Beach.

Bella’s results show she is 44.5% gray wolf. Her sister’s results are significantly higher at 57%.

The Warwick Animal Shelter, which helped the puppies get to the Red Riding Hood Rescue Project, said they weren’t surprised by Libby’s results, affectionately calling her a “mischievous girl.”

The other results are mixed: Bella is 27% German shepherd dog, 23.4% Alaskan malamute, and 5.1% Siberian husky.

Libby is 18.5% German shepherd dog, 18.3% Alaskan malamute, and 6.2% Siberian husky.

Wolfdogs are illegal to own in Rhode Island.

The rescue happily took them in after they gained national attention and often posts updates on its social media pages.

Rescue staff has dubbed the pair “the 401 girls.”

The rescue said the puppies need some time before they can be adopted.

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