East Side of Providence target of White Nationalist flyers

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The East Side of Providence on Friday found itself the target of White Nationalist flyers.

The flyers were reportedly discovered on Woodbury Street.

“Anyone hearing this story should realize it’s a movement largely of losers and those who are motivated by hatred really more than productive activity,” said neighbor, Deborah Carr.

Carr noticed the flyers while walking her dog early Friday morning.

“We noticed these little baggies strewn throughout the street on our street and one block over,” she explained.

Providence police told ABC 6 News that they are “looking into” the incident.

While on the East Side, ABC 6 came across several white supremacist flyers. Each of them were inside a zip lock bag with rocks inside for weight.

“This is an ethnically, and religiously diverse neighborhood. One worry was if someone who is a racial or ethnic minority saw this, especially older Holocaust survivors for instance, that could be really triggering.”

Earlier this week, the same flyers were found in North Kingstown.

The pamphlets are information flyers in an attempt to recruit new members from a group called, “The Nationalist Social Club.”

The white supremacist group isn’t new to New England. Last summer, two men faced charges for spreading similar white nationalist recruitment posters around East Providence.

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