High Impact Storm with Gusty Wind and Rain Friday

High Impact Storm With Gusty Wind And Rain Friday

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — High pressure is responsible for the sunshine and light wind today. It’s the cliche ‘calm before the storm’.

Our next weather maker is a storm system that forms today in the high plains and tracks through the great lakes on Thursday and Friday. They’ll get plenty of snow and cold from the mid-west to the plains. Wind chill there has prompted warnings for a 30 to 40 below zero feel-like temperature.

This storm will initially bring us a mild flow of air and a strong southeasterly wind to Rhode Island. Highs reach into the 50s with a wind-driven 1 1/2 inches or more of rain Friday. There is a High Wind Watch issued from theNational Weather Service for Friday as gusts are likely to reach 45 to 65 mph. There is also a coastal flood watch. Minor flooding for vulnerable shoreline communities due to high tides and wave action is very likely.

With a soaking ground from rain and the gusty wind, some trees could topple. This, along with tree branches breaking will likely cause scattered power outages.

Following this storm, a cold front will push through Friday night and open the door to a surge of frigid air. We will see any standing water freezing up overnight Friday and there could be a flash freeze Friday evening if you have any travel plans, be mindful of that. The arctic air is plunging into the deep south with wind chill near zero as far south as Georgia. This bubble of arctic air is with us both Saturday and Sunday for the holiday weekend. Wind chill will reach near zero on Christmas Eve. High pressure builds in on Christmas Day with dry, cold air and sunshine.

The Winter Solstice is this afternoon at 4:48 p.m. Officially, astronomical winter begins! The sun at solar noon is over 21 1/2 degrees south latitude, the Tropic of Capricorn. Our length of daylight increases going forward. Length of Day is 9 hours and 8 minutes today and one month from the solstice, on Jan. 21st we will gain 30 minutes!

This afternoon: Sunshine and thin clouds, near 40. Light wind.

Tonight: Clouds return.  Light wind. Low near 25.

Thursday: Morning clouds, afternoon light scattered showers. Breezy. Highs mid 40s. Rain arrives mid-late evening.

Friday:Damaging wind likely. Wind driven rain. Mild with highs in the mid 50s. SE wind 45-65 mph

Christmas Weekend: Windy with bitter arctic cold Saturday. Feels like zero! Sunny Sunday. Lows near 15, Highs near 26.

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