‘It doesn’t belong here’: Tiverton pushes back on proposed crematorium

TIVERTON, R.I. (WLNE) — Residents are speaking out against the environmental and cultural impacts a proposed crematorium may have on their town.

Sakonnet Partners LLC requested a permit to build a crematorium off Main Road. A vote by the town is expected this April on the fate of the empty lot.

“It doesn’t belong there,” said Bob Fazzina, who owns a house next to the property. ”

Fazzina lives with his seven-month-old grandchild and fears he may have to grow up next to the crematorium.

Holding his grandson, Fazzina added, “We paid a lot of money to live here. We moved here because it was quiet, it was nice. Now you want to take that away?”

Poul LeMaster, coordinator for the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association said residents will face no health risks from emissions.

LeMaster said you are three-times more likely to face dangerous chemicals from your fireplace.

He added, “Pollutant, particular matter, fumes, ash, all that. You don’t get that with a crematory.”

Sakonnet Partners LLC have echoed the same message to residents over the last month.

But residents like Ryan LePage still feel the town deserves a more inviting business on Main Road

“I plan to get cremated when I go, but you better believe I’m not going to use a facility on a main road that is next to bus stops, a preschool right down the road, and residences,” he explained.

The town will hold a vote on the property on April 4.

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