Nicholas Alahverdian found guilty in Scotland hospital incident

Nicholas Alahverdian Found Guilty In Scotland Hospital Incident

Nicholas Alahveridan

GLASGOW, Scotland (WLNE) — A former Rhode Island man who faked his own death was found guilty Tuesday for a July incident at a hospital in Scotland.

Nicholas Rossi, who is known in Rhode Island as Nicholas Alahverdian, was found guilty of threatening and abusive behavior after he was accused of threatening hospital staff in Glasgow.

According to Scottish media, Alahverdian was fined $400 as a first time offender.

When Alahverdian was charged July 7 on hospital incident, prosecutors said that fingerprints and DNA confirmed that Alahverdian, who has used several aliases, including Nicholas Rossi and Arthur Knight are all the same person.

Alahverdian is now facing an extradition hearing back to the states where he is facing two separate rape charges in Utah.

The case has gained international attention as Alahverdian faked his own death in Rhode Island in 2020.

In January of this year, the Utah County Attorney’s Office revealed that they tracked down Alahverdian in Scotland and that he was in fact alive.

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