Indian Center facing financial problems

It was a close call for the Indian Center in Lincoln. They almost had to close their doors. 

Center leaders say they had big financial problems. The center is in about $130,000 in debt. As a result, a number of changes too place in the administration and on the board.

The center’s new treasurer said they asked for help, and the community responded. The center will stay open. 

“It’s amazing to see in one weekend $20 at a time add up to $6,000,” said Treasurer Kirk Dombrowski. “That money will go directly to paying our insurance and to paying our light and water bill for the next 2 months, which will allow us to keep our programs operating while we complete our fiscal audit.”

The money bought the Indian Center some time, but it still needs help. 

If you’re interested in helping out, their funding page on Facebook is still open. The center is also always looking for volunteers. 


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