Inflation brings more turbulence to air travel industry

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Flight cancellations have been causing passengers around the country to worry about traveling by air, and rising flight prices are yet another concern.

“Inflation has made a big impact on travel plans,” said Ryan Cole, who was traveling back to Lincoln on Wednesday. “Whether that’s driving or flying, the cost of increased tickets, baggage fees, gas, diesel, that sort of thing.”

At the Lincoln Airport, cancellations haven’t been a big problem, but inflation has caused some concern.

“As you know, the price of gas has gone up, which has also affected aviation fuel,” said airport spokeswoman Rachel Barth. “So our partners, like United, are seeing increased cost with aviation fuel.”

And “material costs to keep the airport up” have also risen, Barth said.

With each airline making its own price decisions, United Airlines said, “There are many factors that go into ticket pricing, including the cost of oil, supply and importantly the level of demand for travel which has been improving quite significantly throughout the spring and summer.”

As that normalcy returns to traveling, Barth still recommends planning ahead when it comes to travel, especially for flyers who want to save money.

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