Investigators, SWAT team arrest two women after drug bust

Investigators arrested two women Thursday afternoon during a drug bust prompted by a search warrant.
Drug Bust

The Lincoln Police Narcotics Task Force and Lincoln SWAT team arrested two women Thursday afternoon after a drug bust near 22nd and ‘Y’ streets.

A search warrant was served to a home in the area and investigators found seven adults and two children present at the time.

Inside the home, officers found evidence of drug sales. 19 grams of meth, worth $2,000, marijuana, cash, small baggies, digital scales, and around 600 unknown pills.

34-year-old Jerah Stovall, one of the homeowners, was arrested on multiple charges including possession of a firearm with a drug violation, meth with intent to deliver, firearm by a prohibited person, and money while violating a drug law.

29-year-old Capricessia Stoeher was also arrested for possession of a controlled substance after investigators found glass pipes with meth residue where she was sitting inside the home.

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