John Cook inspired while watching “The Last Dance”

"That's created my coaching juices to keep fired up and watching," Cook said in an interview earlier this week.

As John Cook anxiously awaits the fate of the upcoming college volleyball season, the Huskers head coach tunes in to “The Last Dance” every Sunday night.

“That’s created my coaching juices to keep fired up and watching,” Cook said in an interview earlier this week.

The series features the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. Cook used to watch the team play back then as the head coach for Wisconsin.

He’s so inspired by the series, which airs every Sunday night on ESPN, that he even jots down notes to send to his players and coaching staff.

“How tough these guys were and how resilient they were,” Cook said “How they worked through issues and the roles that they played. The challenges of what offense they were going to run.

“From a coaching perspective, learning from Phil Jackson. I’ve ready all of his books, but now hearing him talk about it and how he would hear these personalities out. It’s really cool.”

Cook also has a story about the 1992 “Dream Team” as well.

“People really don’t know this, but I coached in the Barcelona Olympic,” Cook said. “I brought pictures to show in my office, whenever we get to go to our office. But when we marched into the Barcelona stadium, the Dream Team was right behind us. We were all talking to these guys. Now, Michael Jordan didn’t go to the opening ceremonies. But I think everybody else was there. I just think he was such a big deal there, he couldn’t risk going in there. It would have been a zoo. But walking in with those guys and talking to them, you know you can’t make that stuff up. ”

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