Keeping your pets calm during severe weather


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — With flashes of lighting and house-shaking thunder, storms can be scary; and to an animal, it might even feel like the sky is falling.

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According to the Animal Humane Society (AHS), some pets “show fear by pacing, whining, excessively panting, or shaking.” Others might try to hide or even injure themselves trying to escape from a confined area.

In many ways, keeping your pets calm during severe weather is essential to their well-being.

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Here are some tips from AHS on how to best ride out a storm with your furry friend.

  • Mild reactions (trembling, hiding, or snuggling)
    • Try limiting their exposure to outside sights and sounds. Things like closing the blinds, flipping on the lights, and turning on the TV or radio for white noise can help your pet relax.
    • If they have found a safe space to hide and relax, let them be.
    • Exercise reduces anxiety. If you know a storm is coming up, play with your pet to tire them out.
  • Severe reactions (howling, destructive behavior, injures themselves)
    • See your local veterinarian about the best way to lessen your pet’s severe anxiety.


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