Lancaster County attorney race tightens with about 3,600 votes left to count

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Lancaster County Election Commission released an updated count of votes in the 2022 midterm election Thursday.

The updated count shows a tightening margin in the race for county attorney, with two legislative candidates gaining slightly.

In the race for county attorney, State Sen. Adam Morfeld edged closer but remains behind incumbent Pat Condon. Since Tuesday night, Morfeld gained 838 votes and now trails by 1,162 votes.

In District 26, George Dungan expanded his lead over Russ Barger by just 118 votes. Barger needs to make up 179 votes to tie Dungan.

Should Barger succeed, the margin of right-leaning state senators could rise to 33 or 34, delivering Republicans a filibuster-proof majority in the legislature.

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In District 46, Danielle Conrad’s lead over James Michael Bowers also grew, but only by 21 votes from Tuesday. She leads with 165 votes, but that was enough for the Associated Press to declare her the winner.

Channel 8 News also projects that incumbent Democrat Rick Vest has won reelection for District 5 Commissioner. Current vote totals also suggest Democratic State Sen. Matt Hansen has won his bid for county clerk, along with Democrat Dan Nolte unseating incumbent County Assessor Rob Ogden.

Of the 112,887 votes cast in Lancaster County, roughly 3,600 are left to be counted as of Thursday afternoon. They comprise about 1,850 provisional ballots and 1,750 resolution ballots.

The Election Commission expects these final votes to be counted within the next seven to eight days.

Full results on every race in Lancaster County can be found on KLKN’s Election Results page.

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