Lancaster County election commissioner says Election Day has gone smoothly

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lancaster County Election Commissioner Dave Shively said that the midterms went very well on Tuesday and that it was a “pretty normal Election Day for us.”

Shively expected a good turnout of voters and said he hopes the numbers end up higher than his projections.

“I projected about a 55% voter turnout, which is about 110,000 voters,” he said. “We’ll see if the voters agree with me and get out there and vote. Hopefully, they don’t agree, and they make it higher.”

Shively said there were nearly 50,000 mail-in ballots sent out. By Election Day, his office had already received 45,000 of them back.

Those votes are sorted by precinct and carefully counted throughout election night, according to Shively.

The votes are then double-checked by workers to ensure that everyone who signed in was registered and that the number of voters matches the number of ballots counted.

“That’s part of the canvassing process afterward that we do, so if we are off a ballot or two, we go back and try to figure out why we were off,” Shively said. “So the security is all there, and there’s checks and balances on that as we go.”

He said it will take some time to count all the ballots. The official results won’t be out for a week or two after Election Day.

While voters and candidates are waiting for both official and unofficial results, Shively asks that people be patient to allow election workers to count every vote.

“I understand that people can be anxious and also want us to be accurate, too, so they have to give us the opportunity to make sure everything we’re doing is accurate,” he said. “Please allow us to get it done and get it done correctly so we don’t have any issues to follow up on the days afterward.”

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