Lancaster County seeing steady decline in new COVID-19 cases

The number of new COVID-19 cases being reported in Lincoln and Lancaster County has steadily declined in recent weeks. 
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The number of new COVID-19 cases being reported in Lincoln and Lancaster County has steadily declined in recent weeks.

Here’s a breakdown of new cases over the past month:

  • This week: 89 cases (as of Friday)
  • Last week: 146 cases
  • Week prior: 164
  • Week before that: 250

With 14 new cases announced Friday, Lancaster County’s total sits at 1,443. Health officials have reported 330 recoveries, but say that number will continue to grow as data becomes available.

While the numbers are trending in the right direction, health officials warned residents should not become complacent.

“We just ask that people continue to take the preventative measures we’ve recommended.” said Pat Lopez, Interim Director of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

The county’s COVID-19 data dashboard has been updated to include the following information:

  • Data has been added for cluster cases, which are those based on shared characteristics, primarily time and place.  The dashboard shows that 45 percent of all local cases are part of a confirmed cluster of five or more cases.
  • Demographic data has been added for those identified as recovered.
  • Demographic data has also been added for those who have died from COVID-19.  The data show the disparate impact of the virus on older adults.  About 13 percent of all positive cases are among those age 60 and older, but this age group makes up 90 percent of COVID-related deaths in Lancaster County.
  • Additional data has been added to the map to compare the number of positive cases and the number of tests completed by census tract.

The COVID-19 Risk Dial remains at the “yellow” or moderate level.

For each color of risk, LLCHD provides specific recommendations for physical distancing, face covering, hand washing, illness monitoring, and disinfection. Specific guidance is included for people at risk for complications due to COVID-19 and for businesses.

At the yellow level, the recommendations include the following:

  • Consider staying at home most of the time, with caution for non-essential travel and work
  • Distance at least six feet from anyone outside the home
  • Cautious expansion of interactions with others, outdoor activities preferred
  • Gatherings only with modifications for COVID-19
  • Events only within guidance by the Health Department
  • Face coverings continued to be recommended to be used around other people
  • Continue to wash hands regularly, disinfect highly touched surfaces and monitor for illness
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