Lawmaker Ernie Chambers believes “it’s time” to allow college athletes to earn money in Nebraska

Should college athletes be compensated or not? It’s been a topic of discussion for years.

On Monday, California’s governor took action, and other states are following their lead.

The new law will allow college athletes to earn money off of their likeness and image, including advertisements, endorsements, and through social media.

Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers has been going to bat for college athletes on this topic since the early 1980s.

He believes it’s well past time for them to receive compensation for their work.

Chambers will be proposing a similar bill in January.

“We’re going to turn the worm around, and let those who generate the wealth be entitled to obtain some wealth,” said Chambers.

Chambers believes this issue is about economic justice for college athletes, who help to bring in so much revenue for the University of Nebraska system, a $155 million dollar facility upgrade was announced last week.

“It’s a high-octane, multi-billion dollar entertainment business,” said Chambers.

Huskers football coach Scott Frost spoke about the topic this week, saying it could be a slippery slope for college athletics.

And they hope it doesn’t effect the competitive balance if it does come to Nebraska.

“Once you start paying the football players, you’d have to pay every student athlete, and that’s an awfully big drain on a budget, depending on how much is paid,” said Frost.

The NCAA has admitted improvements need to happen, but are still adamant, that the amateurism model needs to stay.

Chambers thinks the college athletes should be able to hire an agent too.

“The only thing that makes college football amateur is that the players don’t get paid,” said Chambers.

The California bill will go into effect in 2023.

We’re told the University of Nebraska board of regents hasn’t taken a position on this yet.

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