LES called to help restore power for Omaha storm victims

Last Friday's thunderstorms left thousands without power in Omaha over the weekend
Les Omaha 7 12

Lincoln, Neb. (KLKN) – LES and other power companies were called to help restore power in Omaha households that was lost after Friday night’s thunderstorm.

About 190 thousand people were without power Saturday morning following the storms. Currently, there’s still around 30 thousand people without power. Local crews are working hard to help remaining households without power.

“It’s extremely important for us here at LES,” said LES Construction Coordinator Fredrick Rumery. “I think it’s just ingrained in who we are, we’re Nebraska nice so when we can lend that helping hand that’s what we want to do.”

LES says they will continue to help anyway they can in restoring the power for the people of Omaha and are always ready for the next time they’re called into action.

“We have skilled and trained professionals and when we can use those professionals to help out a sister company it’s what we’re excited to do and when we can do that we’re going to do that every time,” said Rumery.

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