LES customers try their hand at balancing energy sources

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln Electric System customers got an interactive look Thursday night at how the utility will try to balance its energy resources in the future.

Customers used a computer model created by LES to choose from sources like coal, wind and natural gas.

If they used less of one, they had to figure out how much of the others they needed.

“It was a really simplistic version of the resource capacity accreditation that we’re going through, but we really do think it works well for customers when they come to these events,” said Scott Benson, LES’s manager of resource and transmission planning. “You could tell as they were straining with some of the things, some of the levers you pull work better than others so they start to get a feel for it.

The workshop was part of a public forum for LES’s five-year power resource plan.

The utility will present the plan, created with help from the computer model, on Aug. 27.

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