LES reminds: how to save at the holidays

The LES Peak Rewards program is in its second year.

It’s an add on incentive to transition into using a smart thermostat for your home.

After you install it, you’ll enroll in the program on the LES website.

“The customer, essentially who participates in the program is giving their consent to us to adjust the thermostat in their home only during the summer months, only during week days, only up to 15 times a year, and if a customer wishes, they can opt out of an event,” Manager of LES energy services, Marc Shkolnick said. 

The idea addresses energy efficiency as a whole.

“It does allow customers to help the community by using energy more efficiently and by our ability to control peak, it does help everybody because we can defer it on the power plant for more years well into the future,” Shkolnick said. 

The customer has all the control. 

“With a smart thermostat, it’s going to sense that you’re away, it’s going to automatically adjust the temperature, it allows you much more convenient and easy control of the thermostat typically when you’re away from home, so it allows customers to save energy throughout the year,” Shkolnick said. 

If you join the program, you do get rewarded, first with a $25 amazon gift card, and then a $25 credit to your bill every year.

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat, they can run anywhere from 150 to 300 dollars.

“It’s a win–win and if we get to the holiday season, internet connected thermostats are pretty good holiday gifts, so that might be something customers consider purchasing this holiday season,” Shkolnick said. 

You can visit the LES website here for entry into the program. 

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