‘Let’s just say it’s gone now’: Frank Solich comes back to Nebraska, lifts fabled curse

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – In 2003, Nebraska head coach Frank Solich – who at the time had a record of 58-19 – was fired.

Since the controversial firing, Nebraska has had its ups and downs.

And many Husker fans have said a curse, stemming from Solich’s firing, caused the program’s downfall.

On Friday, the prodigal son returned to the halls of Memorial Stadium.  And with Solich’s return, came some closure.

“There’s not a curse that’s been put on by any of my family members that I know, or else there would be a few more people in trouble,” he said.

There are several things Husker fans can blame for Nebraska’s recent struggles.  But now, they can’t blame the curse.

“Let’s just say it’s gone now, if there has ever been one,” Solich said.

Solich’s return doesn’t mean the Huskers are set to make a trip to the national championship next season.

But for some, including Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts, it needed to happen.

“I’ve been invited back several times by Trev, and he was relentless,” Solich said. “You know, he kept after it, and it makes a lot of sense to be back.”

Solich, who served as an assistant to Tom Osborne before becoming head coach, will be honored during Saturday’s spring game.

This will be Solich’s first time back in Memorial Stadium since his firing two decades ago.

And along with the thousands of fans, Solich will get to see head coach Matt Rhule’s squad take Tom Osborne Field for the first time.

WATCH: Former Husker coach Frank Solich returns to Nebraska

During the press conference Friday, Solich praised Nebraska’s newest coach.

“He’s been able to get the job done at a very high level and certainly in college ball,” Solich said. “And he’ll do, I really believe, a great job here.”

Since Rhule has years of experience already under his belt, Solich feels like he doesn’t need to guide him.

“I have not offered any advice to Coach,” Solich said. “He knows what he’s doing, you know, he’s a heck of a football coach.”

While Solich will be on the sidelines for the game, the now-retired coach said he’s still going to be watching from a “coaching perspective.”

And he’ll be surrounded by a sea of red.

“To look at all the great people that are here, the people that I know and worked with, the fans, you know, I was in some ways only hurting myself, I think, and continuing to stay away,” he said. “So, I’m glad to be back.”

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