LFR crews participate in ice rescue training

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln Fire and Rescue was out on Holmes Lake Friday for ice rescue training.

This is training they do every year to make sure their members learn and remember this life-saving skill.

With temperatures in the upper 30s and it being a sunny day, it was a perfect day for crews to train on ice rescues.

LFR members put on special full body ice rescue suits that are insulated and completely waterproof.

During the training, crew members went into the water to be the victim while others worked to get them out of the frigid water.

LFR Captain Drew Endicott says it’s important for anyone going on the ice to be aware of their surroundings.

“Pay attention to the ice conditions. If it’s been a freeze thaw freeze thaw cycle that weakens the ice. The thickness of the ice, as you can see today, around the shore tends to get thinner faster than actually out there.” Capt. Endicott said, “If you do go out there, they have these things called ice picks. They wrap around your neck and then can make yourself rescue make it easier.”

He also recommends if you plan on going onto any ice to tell someone when and where you’re planning to be, especially if you’re going somewhere rural.

“If you do fall through the ice, keep calm and hold onto the ice shelf if you can’t fully get yourself out,” Endicott said.

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