LFR workshop event looks to increase recruit numbers

LFR needs more hands on deck, and this weekend workshop could be just what they need to boost applications.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln Fire & Rescue could always use a few more hands to help keep people safe, but new recruits have become increasingly rare. Although Fire Chief Dave Engler doesn’t know why the numbers have been dropping, he does know a good solution when he sees one.

In fact, Chief Engler believes the JoinLFR workshop could help change people’s minds: “They may think, ‘hey, that’s not something I could do’. Well, that’s not the case.”

A deep dive into the details of the job can help clear away misconceptions, with the ultimate goal being “people who thought maybe they weren’t fit for this job might walk out saying, ‘yeah, this is a definite possibility for me’.”

Over the course of the workshop, there will be a discussion about the hiring process, a typical day on the job, and even some mentorship or ride-along opportunities. This is actually the second time this month that LFR has held the workshop.

“So far everyone who has attended has really enjoyed it”, says Chief Engler. “While they may have come in wanting to be a Lincoln firefighter, or paramedic, or EMT, they certainly go out with more enthusiasm about coming back and applying.”

As for who they want to apply, consider what the Chief said. Even people who might write themselves off could find a place at LFR.

“If you’ve ever thought about being a firefighter, EMT, or paramedic, now is the time to explore it further, and hopefully you’ll be applying with Lincoln Fire & Rescue in October”, says Chief Engler.

Those applications open up right at the start of October, on the first, making these workshops very timely.

JoinLFR is completely free and takes place on both Friday and Saturday. LFR’s website has more details about both events.

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