Lincoln artist showcases ‘VIS’ exhibition at Lux Center for the Arts

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska native Artie Mack is striving to create images of inclusiveness through work inspired by the pandemic.

“The pandemic really affected me a lot and having to start to isolate was really hard for me and it was just the way I could communicate to the world what I was going through,” they said.

Mack’s latest exhibition brings those feelings to life through 2D print, acrylics and mixed media.

“It’s not just for deaf and hard of hearing people, it’s for all of us, especially now when it’s so hard to communicate,” Mack said.

The “Weavers” shown through their art follow a supernatural saga set in the Midwest reflecting the pop culture they wished to see growing up.

“I’m always wondering what the sign language looks like with magic,” Mack said. “We don’t see that.”

Ultimately, Mack said their goal is to create that space through art and eradicate society’s imposed limitation on disability.

“I’m definitely reaching out to my community, to people who are responding to, you know, help me,” they said. “Let’s make that a reality.”

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