Lincoln bar scene to see first distillery in nearly 100 years

Sideshow Spirits is set to open on September 30. It's located inside Boombox Social on 1630 P Street.


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Sideshow Spirits will be Lincoln’s first distillery in nearly 100 years. It will also feature a speakeasy. Both are located inside Boombox Social on 1630 P Street. The businesses are owned by Kinkaider Brewing Co.

Along with vodka, gin, whisky and rum, the distillery will have cocktails by the can and keg. Customers can lounge upstairs or downstairs and enjoy the bar.

“We knew the front needed to be something a little bit more college-focused with the demographic of the area, but we knew we needed some space,” co-owner Cody Schmick said. “This building is deceivingly big. It’s almost 12,000 square feet.”

Kinkaider spent over $100,000 on stills. From opening Boombox Social during a pandemic, and now adding a new venture, the business is determined to succeed.

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“A lot of people put their head down and say we can’t get through this. It’s too hard to run a business. Our crew has not shown that. We’re surging forward.”

Sideshow received federal funding, and has been working closely with the state. Schmick said the city has been supportive, and that it’s a production business.

“We’re going to be selling tons of products that are made right here in Lincoln, all over the state and then hopefully all over the Midwest as we grow.”

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