Lincoln Board of Education passes $458M budget

The Lincoln Board of Education approved the 2019-2020 budget on Tuesday.

It’s $458 million and includes a 3.3% increase over last year.

In the past months, the board reviewed increased needs and prioritized them, leaving almost $4 million in needs unfunded.

“There is always in a growing school district a picture of need that is really hard to reach, given constrained revenue, Associate Superintendent for Business Affairs, Liz Standish said.

LPS planned for the long term, as 2019–2020 state aid for education is decreasing $13.7 million compared to last year.

“In an easy way, you are saving to pay all your bills and we are still taking money out of savings,” LPS Board Member, Kathy Danek said.

Board officials say the budget provides no increase in the current property tax levy.

“The school board worked exceptionally hard to keep it within the dollar 4 levy so there was no levy increase to fund this budget, in a pretty challenging revenue environment,” Standish said.

LPS saved money in cash reserve in previous budgets to provide stability in a climate of dramatically changing revenues.

Standish says each year’s budget is very impactful to the school and the surrounding community.

“Caring about how we provide for our community’s children and how that happens and whats included in that and what type of services we are able to provide is really important to have a healthy Lincoln and a healthy Nebraska,” Standish said.

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