Lincoln boxer shares her inspiring story ahead of legendary competition

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The National Golden Glove boxing contest has previously showcased legends like Muhammed Ali, Floyd Mayweather Junior and more.

Soon Lincoln’s own Yoryina Myers will be added to the list of competitors.  In just two short years, she went from beginner classes to teaching boxing.

Now she’ll be representing the Midwest in the nationals.  Myers says she wants to inspire others, but she didn’t set out to become a boxer.

“When I first found boxing my daughter and I went through kind of a pretty traumatic event, I kind of lost everything in me,” she said.

In the process of rebuilding her life, Myers remembers, “I was weakened, I needed to find my strength again and I had to do it for her.”

Southside Gym Owner and President, Tommy Arsiaga, tells us Myers is fueled by that determination.

“The sky’s the limit for her,” he said. “This young lady puts in more work than anybody I know, it doesn’t matter, male or female.”

Myers admits before looking into boxing in Lincoln she didn’t know female boxing was prevalent outside of large cities.

“I always thought like bigger states, bigger cities with more people would have more of those female fighter populations,” she said.

Training several times a week, restricting her diet, and mentally preparing for May isn’t easy Myers notes, but the representation of the modern female boxer is what she’s living up to.

“Go for it though, be the female that does something different, if ballet isn’t your thing, if soccer isn’t your thing, if you just want to feel strong, try boxing,” she said.  “It’s not all about punching and getting punched back, there’s so much more discipline to it, you have to have mental strength, physical strength, you have to have a will, a drive to want to do this sport.”

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