Lincoln Crime Stoppers: A not-so-super man and a theft at the dog park

A caped crusader of sorts commandeers a bike that's not his, and a visit to the dog park becomes more expensive than expected this week.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – It’s never super to be the victim of a theft. But if somebody is all decked out in that familiar “S” emblem, there’s at least a little irony, right?

This first case comes to us from the Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington, back on August 4. The man seen in the photographs, complete with some stylish Superman sleep pants draped over his shoulders, is the proud new owner of a bike. The problem is, it’s not his. The man is seen walking up to the bike, looking around, and then he goes up, up, and away on Washington.

Our second incident is a bit later in the month of August, on the 28th. The victim here says she was at the dog park at 7th and Adams. She says someone took the wallet out from her car and went on to use the credit and debit cards. The photograph shows the person who allegedly used one of those stolen cards at Walmart.

In both of these cases, LPD needs your help! If you might recognize these suspects, reach out to Lincoln Crime Stoppers. You can check out these cases, and plenty more, on their website.

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