Lincoln dealer receives large shipment of new cars, sees opportunities

After waiting months to years, people are traveling across the country to purchase a vehicle

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – While driving by car dealerships in your area, you’ve probably noticed the empty lots.  Dealers have good news for those looking to purchase a new vehicle, but they don’t expect the change to last long.

Kia of Lincoln is experiencing its very first sign of normalcy since the pandemic after receiving a large shipment of brand-new vehicles.

That shipment is now catching the eye of people all across the country who are looking for the car they’ve been waiting nearly a year on.

“Kansas City, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, we are selling Kia’s across the country on a first come first serve basis,” said Kyle Hager, manager of general sales at Kia of Lincoln.

The large shipment is a positive sign things may soon be back to normal.

Hager says we’re not completely back to pre-pandemic stock just yet, and many vehicles won’t stay available for long.

“We will never see anything like this probably for another year,” said Hager.

Some customers looking for specific models have been waiting for quite some time.  Dealerships worry that if those customers don’t jump on the fresh stock now, they may have to wait even longer.

“We did have a customer who waited a year and a half to get a Telluride.  Right now, we have seven Tellurides in stock, so if somebody has been waiting and wanting that car, you probably need to get down here as soon as possible,” said Hager.

The hope is that as more dealerships begin to receive a supply of cars, it can actually help those interested in purchasing a used car.

“People who have two or three-year-old cars are able to get a brand new car, which in turn makes it easier for us to go and purchase a newer, nicer vehicle for a good price,” said AJ Eastep, sales and finance manager at PricedRite auto sales.

With prices on everything higher than in years past, bringing in more new vehicles may broaden the scope of who can afford to purchase a used vehicle.

Eastep says he hopes “prices are going to come down and be a little more affordable for everybody.”

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