Lincoln first grader and school custodian form friendship over their love of flags

“All the way up there it goes!”

Before starting his day at Randolph Elementary first grader Lane Elsberry meets Stan Minchow, the schools assistant custodial supervisor, to help raise the flags.

“His grandfather is a veteran so flags are prevalent in our house and important to us,” said Lisa Elsberry, Lane’s mom.

Lane, who’s autistic, has been helping Minchow raise the American and Nebraska flags since the beginning of the school year.

In that time the two flag bearers have formed a special bond.

“He really didn’t want to get too close to me he wanted the flags, but now you can see he’s fun,” said Stan Minchow.

Coming out of his shell isn’t the only progress the first grader has made.

Lisa says since Lane has been helping Stan he’s learned what it means to have flags at half-staff and he can now recite the pledge of allegiance.

While Stan enjoys having a helper for his morning ritual, he says the best part is the joy it brings the little flag lover.

“It’s everything. For him to have a good day his day starts off real good so that’s important,” said Minchow. 

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