Lincoln “FitLot” may have AARP logos, but this fitness park has no age limit

People young and old can enjoy an outdoor workout at the new Woods Park facility.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Woods Park has a new addition, and after opening up towards the end of April, the new FitLot has become a real favorite. “It’s a senior playground!” is one ringing endorsement.

This is one of 53 FitLots going up around the country, and Lincoln gets the one earmarked for Nebraska. It’s all funded by AARP, and although age is usually associated with that branding, make no mistake: the Woods Park FitLot has no age limit.

“It is for everyone”, explains F Street Learning Center Supervisor Mary Johnson. “We don’t want people to see the AARP logo and think it’s not for them.”

Mary says the park is made to be accessible. The equipment looks self-explanatory, if not familiar. In the event you need some pointers, each station has a QR code to scan. “It will give you a video of exercises you can do at that station”, says Mary.

If you want some more instruction, there are classes available to take you through it all. “The class is really fun”, says Charlie Troxel. He lives just next door, so he’s here fairly often. “The instructors bring music that is of our era, so we sing along a lot.”

You’re getting a lot done as you sing along. Charlie says you’re getting stretches in, and you aren’t doing much cardio work. His buddy Bruce Sandhorst agrees. “For balance, you know?”

Bruce also lives about a block away, so he’s there just as often as Charlie. “Every week is a little different. Every session is a little different”, he says. “We have the core pieces and then she varies between them.”

The response has been great after a long year of COVID lockdowns; each class has been near capacity. Mary says “people were just ready.” She adds, “The first class was really cool because people were just so happy to see each other. They joked about hugging each other. They didn’t, but they were really happy to see each other.”

The best news of all is that everybody is very obviously having a good time, and it seems like they’re ready to keep having good times for a long time to come.

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