Lincoln gives basketball courts at Antelope Park a face-lift

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The basketball courts at Antelope Park have received a renovation, with an added bonus.

The courts near Normal Boulevard and South Street now have a mural on them as well.

The project was the work of the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department and Public Art Lincoln.

The design is based on a painting by African American artist Felrath Hines titled “Red Sea.”

The painting was chosen because of the vibrant colors and the simplicity of the design, which made it easy to replicate on the court, according to Parks Director Maggie Stuckey-Ross.

Also, the painting is currently at the Sheldon Art Museum.

“We wanted a piece that people could come and see the artwork here at the basketball courts and then head downtown to Sheldon and see the actual original artwork on display,” Stuckey-Ross said.

During the opening ceremony, Lincoln Special Olympics basketball teams got to play some games on the courts.

Stuckey-Ross said the goal of the vibrant courts is to attract more people to that area of the city to have fun and be active.

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