Lincoln Lutheran students adjust service project to help communities in need

In most years, students would go into the Lincoln community for their service project. This year, they created "survival kits" from school to help out.

Every year, middle school students at Lincoln Lutheran give their time to a variety of community organizations through acts of service.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s service day looks a bit different, but that has not prevented Lincoln Lutheran students and staff from showing their support and appreciation to communities in need.

“We have been blessed with so much and so we want to be generous with our time, which is what we’re doing today, giving of our time, to give back to our community,” says Laura Stumpf, a middle school teacher at Lincoln Lutheran and a coordinator of the student service projects.

In a normal year, students would go out into the Lincoln community to serve. This year, they’ve had to get more creative. One that students are doing is creating “survival kits” that contain things like candy, art supplies, and hygiene items, for organizations like the Lincoln Police Department, Test Nebraska, and the People’s City Mission.

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“We have people who are working so hard to help us through the pandemic, so being able to serve the police officers of the city, and our teachers and People’s City Mission is just an awesome experience,” Stumpf said. “What could we do here at school to give to them to provide encouragement for them as they continue to serve our community?”

Students have also spent time creating tie blankets for the Hope Center Uganda and the Child Advocacy Center, as well as decorating brown paper bags for Meals on Wheels.

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Several students spoke with Channel 8 to share what their service meant to them:

“For me, it brings me love and joy, because I like giving back to other people.” – Rylen

“I think that it’s really important to just continue to serve, even though we’re in a pandemic, because people still need our help.” – Ensley

“If you serve with other people, you’re going to get more done, so you can help more people.” – Emory

“Even if you’re doing it alone, it’s still amazing what we’re doing, but like, when you get to do it with your friends, it just feels so much better because everyone knows we can all help each other out.” – Ella

“It helps create good memories that you can look back on and say, ‘I’m so glad I helped people and I’m so glad I did it with people I care about.’” – Harper

“I guess like in ten years, I can think back to this and remember how I was spending some of my time to help others.” – Logan

Even remote learners were able to get in on the action, creating tie blankets from home.

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The students’ survival kits, blankets, and colored paper bags are being delivered throughout the day. Stumpf says she’s proud of the way her students served their community today.

“We have awesome students and staff here at Lincoln Lutheran and so I’m not really surprised that our students are doing a great job today, because they would be if we were out,” Stumpf said.

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