Lincoln Northeast High Schools students start community garden

LINCOLN, Neb (KLKN) – Lincoln Northeast high school students from the English Language Learners class created a new community garden for people living in Northeast Lincoln.

The students were joined by members of Civic Nebraska and the Lincoln Kiwanis Club.

The students’ teacher, Brooke David, explained that the kids wanted to create a garden after they read the book “Seed Folks.”

The story involves a group of diverse characters coming together to start a community garden.

Students thought the story reflected themselves, all having diverse backgrounds, but also a part of the Lincoln community.

“The students really talked a lot about how their families had gardens in their countries and now they don’t always have opportunities to have a garden, so this is really an opportunity for the students to bring in their culture,” David said.  “It’s an opportunity for families to get engaged in Northeast. It’s an opportunity for Northeast Lincoln to learn about our families and our students, and for them to be a bigger part of the community.”

Students really enjoyed working together, even if it was a really hot sunny day.

“I like how people are all working together and like everyone is getting together and helping.  It’s like helping our community too,” said 9th grader Vinus Sarwari.

The students are planning on planting different fruits and vegetables, many of which they remember from their home country.

They are also planting a pollinator garden to attract bees and help pollenate the different plants.

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