Lincoln nurse turns to hunting to help with stress from pandemic

Amanda Peters got her first whitetail deer with her dad, who is an avid hunter.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Amanda Peters is a cardiac intensive care unit nurse at Bryan Medical Center East.

As a healthcare worker in 2020, the pandemic has brought in an excess amount of strain and stress in her life.

“You know, my big saying is, one day at a time and sometimes it has to be one hour at a time, sometimes it has to be one minute at a time and that’s okay, because there’s so many things that are just simply out of our control,” Peters said.

Peters found a way to help cope with this new reality by turning to something new, hunting. She just started to show interest in hunting over the past few seasons.

Peters got her first whitetail deer with her dad, who is an avid hunter and someone she really truly cares about.

“I did it and it was an incredible feeling,” Peters said. “We put in a lot of work and, you know, we were really trying to help some local landowners out who were struggling with the doe population and so being able to help them out was hugely rewarding as well.”

Peters’ dad shared the picture of her deer to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for its ‘Take ‘Em Hunting‘ challenge. This is where hunters are encouraged to bring a beginner hunting.

“You know especially this year, we’ve seen so many people lose their fathers and their mothers and so the time that we have on this earth with our parents is just absolutely priceless, so to have these memories with my dad, sitting next to me, guiding the shot, telling me to take a deep breath and then the high fives and the big hug at the end, it’s just memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life,” Peters said.

Peters has some advice for those who may still be finding a way to cope with everything going on in the world right now.

“You know hunting for me, just being outdoors in general, it’s my escape and my happy place, whether it’s being in the woods hunting or out on a boat at the lake, or in the mountains, it’s just a part of being something that’s so much bigger than yourself,” Peters said. “When you’re sitting in the blind, you are completely submerged into their world but you have to find your escape, you have to find the thing that brings you peace because preserving our mental health is so important and especially right now.”

The ‘Take ‘Em Hunting‘ challenge runs through May 2021.

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