Lincoln ranks 50th in cities with bed bugs

The ranking is based on the number of calls Orkin pest control had in the past year

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – According to Orkin Pest Control, Lincoln ranks 50th in the country for cities where Orkin had the most calls regarding bed bugs in the past year.

With the growing number of people traveling it’s no surprise calls regarding bed bugs are going up too.

According to Kait Chapman of UNL’s research and extension center, contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t just like unclean places.  She says people are just as likely to find them in a clean hotel as you would a not so clean hotel and because bed bugs are small and hide very well it’s easy to miss them. Chapman also said they are great hitchhikers.

“Bed Bugs are excellent hitchhikers. A lot of the times when people go stay at a new place, such as a hotel, the bed bugs will often crawl in their luggage or on their bags and they’re really good at hiding in tight places like seams, so a lot of people don’t realize that they’re bringing them with you. A lot of people also get bed bugs by buying second hand furniture such as couches or bed frames and things like that.”

The good news is, other than being bitten by them, bed bugs pose little health risk.

Chapman also wanted to remind people when they go to hotel rooms to check under the seam of the mattress.

If you think you have bed bugs in your home, call a local exterminator.  Chapman recommends people take a picture of the bed bugs or capture one or two and bring them to the research center off of Sun Valley Blvd. in Lincoln.

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