Lincoln residents brave cold temperatures to get COVID-19 vaccine

2500 individuals in the Phase 1B group got vaccinated at Pinnacle Bank Arena's fourth large-scale COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

On a frigid, snowy Friday, 2500 Lincoln residents in the Phase 1B group braved the elements and made their way downtown to receive their COVID-19 vaccine shots at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Despite the icy streets, bone-chilling temperatures and the steady snowfall, people were determined to make sure they made it to their appointments on time.

“We’re going. We were going to go no matter what,” resident Darrell Werner said. “You bet. We didn’t worry about it. We wanted the vaccine.”

Darrell went to Pinnacle Bank Arena with his wife, Joyce. She explained why getting the vaccine was a priority for her and her husband.

“It’s very, very important for us,” she said. “We have a son who has complex medical issues and so we need to stay safe. Definitely for him, but for each other as well.”

The Werners were one of several couples who got their vaccine shots on Friday. The Comers, John and Nancy, said their children had been urging them to get the vaccine for months.

“Our kids have been nagging us for several months” John said.

“We want to feel a little safer,” Nancy added.

Despite the slick roads, John says he and Nancy did not have a problem getting downtown.

“It was slow, but no trouble,” he said.

As for the vaccine shot, the Comers reported that they did not experience any side effects in the immediate aftermath.

“Nothing yet,” John said.

“It’s pretty amazing actually,” Nancy said.

“We’ve had shots before. I’m hoping this is no different than those and [there were] no after-effects of those, so we’re hoping [for] no after-effects of this one,” John said.

Several volunteers helped made the event go as smoothly as possible, continuously shoveling walkways from the parking garage to the arena and directing people where to go.

Appointments ran until 3 pm. None were postponed due to the snowfall.

According to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, most of the people vaccinated today were residents ages 75 and up.  The clinic will continue Saturday morning for this age group. Those vaccinations require an appointment.

People in the 75 and up age group who want to get vaccinated but have not registered, can register online at or can 402-441-8006 for assistance.

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