Lancaster County road conditions update ahead of morning commute

Conditions on Lancaster County gravel roads continue to be very icy; cold temperatures have contributed to any day time melting re-freezing. Therefore Lancaster County Engineering will have all 23 motor graders out with chains and ice cutting blades on gravel roads Monday morning shortly after 6:00 am. 

Winter maintenance operations for gravel roads require extreme care as excessive plowing can compromise the load bearing capacity of the road bed creating an unstable and damage prone road. The rain forecast later in the week has a potential to quickly transition the roads from ice to mud which could require additional gravel and rock.

The county contracted with local suppliers in July for gravel and rock however, we have to date received only a portion of the rock and gravel that was purchased. Lancaster County continues to experience challenges with the shortage of rock and gravel.

Please reduce speeds and use care when driving on gravel roads. In addition it is important to remember that the County has one shift of workers and covering all the gravel roads may take more than one day. Lancaster County Engineering Department will continue to monitor the gravel roads through out the week in order to determine maintenance needs.

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