Lincoln teen saves 7-year-old from drowning in local pond

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A north Lincoln teen took quick action Sunday when he saw a 7-year-old drowning in a pond near 14th and Superior.

Abbie Wilson received a knock on her door Sunday evening, a knock she never expected. When she opened her door she found two teenage boys standing on her porch holding a child that was soaking wet.

“They had told us, they just pulled him out of the pond and he was under water and it looked like he was really struggling to get up and get some air,” Wilson said.

And that’s where Wilson took things into her own hands. She dialed 911 while grabbing a towel to keep the 7-year-old boy with Autism warm until police got there.

Thankfully, the young boy, who wandered from home and into that pond, is okay and was eventually reunited with his parents.

But the story starts far before Wilson.

A 16-year-old boy, who we’re calling mystery man, jumped into the pond to save that little boys life. The teen was able to grab and drag him to shore and that’s when those teens knocked on Wilson’s door for help.

“We were really glad they were walking by when they did,” Wilson said. “They were just trying to come by and go play basketball somewhere and walking right along this street and saw (the child) kind of flailing over there and so the timing of it was crucial. It was a good thing they were there when they were.”

That mystery teen and his friends are now being hailed heroes by their north Lincoln neighbors.

“It was really cool to see maturity in such a young kid to make a quick game time decision, you just never actually know what to do in some of those situations,” Wilson said. “But I’m glad he took the initiative to jump in and save the little boy.”

“But those two young kids are amazing, they were really shaken up,” Karen & Abd Tumeh said.

Neighbors says if it wasn’t for those teens, that little boy wouldn’t have made it out of the water alive.

“I do see little kids all by themselves playing by the pond and I’m always worried that something’s going to happen,” Tumeh said.

Lincoln Police say the heroic actions of that 16-year-old undoubtedly saved the child’s life and LPD will be recognizing the teen at their next awards ceremony.

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