Lincoln woman describes ‘terrifying’ assault on her boyfriend

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A young Lincoln woman was leaving a friend’s house with her boyfriend around 2 a.m. on Sunday, when he was brutally attacked.

The assault left 22-year-old Armin Ajir critically injured.

“A group of five or six men walked up and just started jumping him,” said Margaux Stanley, Armin’s girlfriend.

She said she didn’t recognize any of the men when they suddenly began attacking Armin.

Margaux and Armin were near 33rd and Holdrege Streets.

She said the men were trying to take his car keys, and they began to beat him up.

“They were hitting him, kicking him in the head,” Margaux said.

Eventually, Armin was knocked unconscious.

But Margaux said the men continued to assault him.

She said she was screaming, and she stood in front of the car when they tried to take it.

Then she contacted police.

“It was terrifying,” Margaux said. “I wasn’t really thinking about much at the time other than just trying to help Armin.”

They stole her purse and took the shoes off of Armin’s feet, then ran from the scene.

Margaux said she doesn’t know why the men attacked him.

Armin was taken to the hospital, and doctors sedated him to give him time to heal.

But Margaux said, luckily, he will be OK.

She said Armin is one of the kindest people she knows.

“He’s not close with a lot of people, but he would do anything for the ones he loves,” she said. “He has an amazing sense of humor that just brightens up the room, always makes me laugh.”

This time has been difficult for Margaux.

“I miss just being able to see him and talk to him,” she said. “And I just can’t wait until I’m able to see him like that again. It just hurts me to see him in this pain.”

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No arrests have been made yet, though the investigation is still ongoing.

Margaux said police are waiting for Armin to wake up.

“They can’t really do anything or make any arrests, that I know of, until Armin is able to make a statement on it,” she said.

Margaux said she’s been at the hospital, waiting and spending time with Armin as he heals.

And she’s trying to come to terms with what she witnessed as well.

“Honestly, I just feel terrible about everything that happened, and I want to do anything I can to help,” she said. “Just being here to support him and his family means everything to be able to do that.”

Margaux created a GoFundMe to raise money for Armin and his family.

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