Lincoln’s food truck industry hopeful city will change ordinance 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln City Council delayed an ordinance that would bring more opportunities to our local food trucks. It would expand the hours for them, something many in the industry have been pushing for.

MotorFood, a Lincoln food truck was initially launched in 2015. Shaun Theye, the owner, decided to pursue other careers, eventually finding his way back to the food truck industry in February of 2020.

“Then the pandemic hit and no one knew what to think, like I said, we ordered this truck, wrote the check, and went what are we going to do, are we even going to be able to get inspected. Well, we managed to get all of that done. And it turned out to be kind of a boom for food trucks because no one wanted to go inside,” Theye said.

But Theye says it may have taken a pandemic, but the city is finally on board with food trucks.

A Lincoln city ordinance, as it was originally written, says a food truck can only be parked in one place for 10 minutes at a time.

The change to the ordinance would tweak the rules to allow food trucks to be parked in place for up to three hours.

The council discussed the ordinance Monday but delayed the vote for two weeks until certain kinks are worked out.

The city attorney, Yohance Christie, says he believes we will get there, but the ordinance needs a little more time.

Theye says this will help in small ways for his business, but for food truck newcomers, this is a gamechanger.

“For the newer food trucks and the people that are trying to grow, I think it’s fantastic, it gives them a lot of opportunity to go do things and some doors are open for them that weren’t early on in their run, they weren’t for the rest of us and it’s cool. It’s great to see the opportunities,” Theye said.

MotorFood is also expanding to a sit-down restaurant as well in early May near 40th and Vine.

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