Liquor stores in Lincoln see sales spike, then plateau

Liquor Tt

Many liquor stores have seen alcohol sales go up during stay at home orders.

A couple independently owned liquor stores in Lincoln say they have seen an uptick in liquor sales, however that only lasted a few weeks.

They believe it was under the range of people panic buying.

“When people were initially told that they have to quarantine, it was pretty crazy for a couple days because we had college students still in town. We had people still out and about a little more than they are now and people came in and bought what they wanted because I don’t know if people really knew what the quarantine involves, so we had a very busy couple days,” said Jamie Tallman, owner of N Street Liquors.

They say the sales evened out when college students left, only leaving room for loyal customers.

N Street Liquor says it’s only seeing about a 10% drop in sales, missing big days like college graduation this year.

Local breweries and pubs are taking a larger hit.