Bryan Health’s coronavirus update

This event was previously live-streamed and has since ended.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Bryan Health holds a live press conference to update the community on their fight against the coronavirus. Watch it live on at 11 a.m.

Bryan Medical Center CEO John Woodrich took to the podium to say that with the help of Nebraskans, they were able to open up all elective surgeries last Monday.

“Just think about it, there’s been a number of people that have been waiting a long time to get some of their surgeries completed.”

Woodrich also touched on vaccinating residents 65 years or older. He says there is some concern with this population being relatively large in Lancaster County.

“When you open something like that up, you want to assure that there’s enough vaccine coming in the pipeline,” explained Woodrich. “Because you don’t want to vaccinate a number of individuals and then as the others come forward, you say, ‘Well, I’m out of the vaccine, you have to wait.’ I think that creates more anxiety than we really need at this point in time… We’re just trying to do the best that we can to get this in people as quickly as we can.”

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