Governor says Nebraska to see Pfizer vaccine next week

This event was previously live-streamed and has since ended.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Governor Pete Ricketts updates the community on the State’s fight against the coronavirus.

Only yesterday, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine was recommended to the FDA. If FDA officials authorize it for emergency use before the end of the day, Nebraska could be seeing Moderna doses next week.

Also, KLKN has inquired about the Pfizer statement released yesterday. The company claims they have “millions more doses” sitting in a warehouse, despite multiple states being told their vaccine allocations will be delayed, like in Nebraska, or reduced.

Gov. Ricketts announced that the State has just been informed that Nebraska will receive an allocation of 11,900 Pfizer vaccines next week.

However, the State plans to hold on to those doses, as “we’re supposed to get another 11,900 the following week. So we’ll put those two together and start our long term care vaccination program through the pharmacies that the federal government has contracted with, that would be Walgreens, CVS, and the community pharmacies.”

The pharmacy program is expected to launch the week of Dec. 28th.

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When asked about the recent Pfizer statement and confusion surround delayed allocations, Gov. Ricketts said he has no further insight into the issue.

“Pfizer is dealing directly with the federal government, we’re told our allocations. They are just forecasts and estimates, similar to the test… They try to do it on a regular basis but again that is subject to whatever availability they have, and we don’t have a direct insight into that because we’re not dealing directly with Pfizer.”

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Next, Tony Fulton discussed Nebraska’s new property tax program which will “significantly increase the amount of property tax relief.”

This program helps with property tax by growing the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund to $235 million. It also creates a refundable income tax based on school property taxes.

“To put that in perspective, if you own a farm in Hamilton County, you buy 1000 acres, that’s about a 21% break on your property taxes,” shared Gov. Ricketts. “If you own a home, $200,000 home here in Lancaster County, it’s about a 17% break on your property taxes are so significant property tax relief.”

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