LLCHD urges community to watch out for mosquitoes

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) warns that our community is currently in mosquito-borne illness seasons and urges the public to reduce mosquito breeding areas. This comes after Hall County detected the West Nile Virus (WNV) in its mosquito population.

To keep your community safe, and relatively pest-free, follow these steps to reduce breeding areas for mosquitoes:

  • Dump small wading pools daily and maintain swimming pools properly.
  • Maintain garden ponds and fountains and always keep the water flowing.
  • Clear debris, weeds, and litter from drainage ways.
  • Change water in birdbaths weekly and pet bowls daily.
  • Remove vegetation from sewage lagoons.
  • Store tires, buckets, and containers where they cannot collect water.
  • Fill low spots in yards.
  • Use larvicides in stagnant bodies of water. Always follow label application instructions.

The prevention of bug bites is the best way to minimize your risk of contracting WNV.  The LLCHD again urges residents to avoid mosquito bites by following these precautions:

  • Limit time outside during dawn or dusk.
  • Wear shoes, socks, and lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants.
  • Use insect repellants containing DEET, Picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Always follow label directions.

LLCHD also says it’s also important for horse owners to vaccinate their horses against WNV. Questions about vaccination should be directed to a veterinarian.

For more information, visit (keyword: wnv).

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