Local businesses join in on Black Friday sales… or not.

It all depends on where you go. Some small businesses close up shop for the holiday, others join the Black Friday battle.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – How could a local business with one or two locations ever face off against the big box retail chains of the world on Black Friday? In a word, they don’t. But that oversimplifies things. In reality, some close up shop, others do offer specials, and others consider it just another day at work. It all depends on where you go.

For instance, Ash & Ash Co.’s pair of Lincoln stores won’t be open for Black Friday, but they will rejoin the world for Small Business Saturday, with what they’ve dubbed “ladies morning”.

“Both stores… will have 25 percent off the entire store”, says sales manager Paige Newby. “We’ll have snacks and coffee and donuts, and it’ll be great!”

So, special events draw in customers, but so do the traditional special deals. Or in the case of Lincoln Vintage Vinyl, special products saved just for the occasion. They’re able to draw on the recently formed strength of the independent record store community, with Black Friday’s role as Record Store Day.

“It started about 15 years ago, I think”, recalls service technician Craig Bartels. “It was just a way to get independent record stores a little more publicity so people would go there instead of buying online. It’s really taken off the last 5, 6 years.”

Finally, you’ve got the businesses who are calling it business as usual. At The Bike Rack, that’s due in no small part to the pandemic.

Manager Matt Baumeister explains, “Just like many other businesses, many other industries, shortages with the supply and that kind of stuff.”

While many kids are hoping for a bike under the tree this year, this isn’t really even the biggest season for The Bike Rack anyway. That’s another reason why things feel calm there.

“It’s running just like a normal week right now. In years past it’s been much different”, says Baumeister.

Regardless of the deals or special hours offered, there are plenty of ways to keep your dollar local while shopping this week.

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