Local drive helps Nebraskans recycle old holiday lights

Organizer: “The community has just really responded. Lincoln is great about recycling."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Need to get rid of old holiday lights? The 8th Annual Recycle Holiday Lights Drive is in town and here to help.

From now until January 15, you can drop off old holiday lights in cardboard containers outside of Eastridge Elementary School, the Science Focus Program, or any of the fire stations in Lincoln to be transported and recycled.

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According to organizer Angie Alesio, over 64,000 pounds of holiday lights have been recycled through the annual drive in the past seven years, something she couldn’t have envisioned when the drive first started.

“It started with a strand of orange Halloween lights that I had in my backyard, they were on my deck and one of the light strands was burnt out,” Alesio said. “My sister was here and she happens to be the Vice President of Business Development for Scrap Central. She said, ‘We could recycle those at the scrap yard.'”

Through a partnership with Scrap Central, Inc. in Omaha, the drive receives 35 cents per pound of discarded lights. To date, the drive has raised over $22,000.

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This year, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Eastridge Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, 25% will go to the Lincoln Firefighters Association for Operation Warm, and the remaining 25% will go to the Science Focus Program. Scrap Central has agreed to match the donations to the Lincoln Firefighters Association and the Science Focus Program.

“The community has just really responded,” Alesio said. “Lincoln is great about recycling. It’s one of those things where there wasn’t an outlet for it, there wasn’t a lot of awareness about it.”

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