Local expert breaks down President Trump’s impeachment

It’s something the American people have only seen three times throughout history, a president being impeached.

First was Andrew Johnson, then Bill Clinton and now President Donald Trump.

Now that the house has passed the two articles of impeachment, the vote moves to the Senate.

It’ll take a two-thirds majority vote in the senate for Donald Trump to actually be removed from office.

Something that professor John Hibbing doesn’t see happening due to the fact the Senate is majority Republican, and the Constitution doesn’t clearly outline what constitutes an impeachable offense.

“They relied on a phrase which is from English common law which says, treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors. That last part that nobody knows exactly what that means. Is it a misdemeanor, is it just high crimes or does it have to be both? No one really knows,” Hibbing says.

Although President Trump has officially been impeached, Hibbing says as long as he isn’t removed from office, there are no restrictions on him running for president again.

“He will be running in 2020 being impeached does not mean anything in terms of if he can or cannot run,” Hibbing said. 

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